Anti-Fraud & Corruption Services

Global Insight provides specialist expertise in fraud and corruption prevention. We handle:

  • enquiries into instances or allegations of fraud and corruption
  • breaches of contract, fiduciary duty and codes of conduct
  • compliance with international instruments –  FCPA, UK Bribery Act, OECD Guidelines – as well as national legislation
  • whistleblower programme – establishment, training and response
  • fraud prevention and risk management –  training and audit
  • ISO 37001 [Anti-bribery Management Systems] – audit, consulting and training


A European manufacturer of high-tech electrical equipment received an anonymous tipoff alleging corruption in its Asia operation – allegations of corrupt payments to state employees disguised in bidding and contract documents.

We conducted interviews of front-line staff, conducted analysis of contract documents and financial records, performed forensic examination of various company owned computers, conducted discreet external enquiries and found direct evidence of numerous questionable payments as well as ‘holes’ in the client’s processes that allowed off-balance sheet and disguised payments to be made.

Appropriate actions were taken in respect of the culprit employees, helping to redraft and promulgate the client’s Code of Business Conduct and tightening up on the client’s approvals processes, contract documentation and financial account keeping.

A financial institution suffered a significant loss through operation of various fraudulent electronic transactions created by a sophisticated criminal syndicate operating under the cover of a ’bank domiciled in a South Pacific island.

We were able to collect sufficient evidence of the syndicate’s activities to result in the arrest by the authorities in Indonesia of some of the members of the syndicate (from where they were operating), identify the location of much of the money that the syndicate had managed to extract from the institution, and work with the financial services authorities to have the ‘bank’ and its principals closed down and declared persona non grata. A side issue in this matter was that one of the syndicate members had been accredited with diplomatic status and was able not only to operate with that protection but also to help create a positive profile to help lure the victims of various frauds the syndicate indulged in.

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