Due Diligence

Global Insight provides support to businesses involved in a range of decision making processes involving third parties.

We provide an understanding of businesses and their key people to equip our clients with as clear a picture as possible of potential partners and any risks involved in doing business with them. Our services include:

  • conducting pre-transaction assessment of activities, track record and reputation of potential business partners and their principals
  • assessing the veracity of information provided by counter-parties
  • identifying key vulnerabilities and risks
  • providing information and advice on issues that may affect our clients’ strategies
  • conducting anti-bribery and corruption due diligence on potential partners, agents and related third parties
  • conducting ‘reverse due-diligence’ on our clients to help them prepare for public listings, mergers and market entries


An asset management company was approached by a potential investor who wanted to place over US$100 million under their management. We conducted extensive research into the businesses associated with the investor and found a trail of poorly performing businesses, opaque ownership structure that pointed towards government figures, apparent attempts to ‘creditor proof’ the businesses and, generally, little evidence of any legitimate means to invest $100 million.

Suspecting that the investor was actually laundering money, further enquiries found evidence of thinly veiled business connections with political figures that created significant ‘red flags’ in an assessment of the investor’s bona fides. This provided our client with some focused issues to address in further dealings with the investor. A feature of this matter was that the investor had created a very positive public profile as a philanthropist.

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