Global Insight’s Simon Goddard to conduct Procurement Fraud Workshops in August

Can you Detect Red Flags, Prove Collusion?

Bribery, corruption, bid rigging – As businesses seek efficiency by outsourcing services and goods, the risks of procurement fraud rises. Do you know what red flags to look for in vendor selection? How do you collect evidence to prove bribery and corruption? What are the controls to prevent bid rigging?

Join this 2-day hands-on workshop to learn practical techniques to effectively prevent, detect and investigate procurement fraud. Dive into a detailed interactive examination of the red flags in real life cases of procurement fraud. Acquire a comprehensive framework for a procurement fraud risk management process including how to monitor outsourced vendors. Walk through a step-by-step fraud investigation process to effectively prove bribery and corruption.

Please feel free to click on the photo/link below to get more information on the upcoming Procurement Fraud Workshops that Simon will be conducting in Singapore and Hong Kong in August –

Procurement Fraud Workshop

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