Intellectual Property Rights

At Global Insight we assist clients with IP issues in a number of ways, including:

  • conducting inquiries into the misuse of trademarks, patents and copyright, passing off, theft of trade secrets, loss of proprietary information, product counterfeits & grey market diversions
  • supporting legal or administrative actions against infringers
  • providing monitoring (covert or overt) and due diligence services in relation to manufacturers, agents and distributors to enforce codes of ethics and compliance with regulatory requirements and licensing, manufacturing and distribution agreement
  • providing services in the arbitration of intellectual property disputes – our team includes several leading senior counsel specialising in intellectual property

We have considerable experience in a range of industries including pharmaceuticals, beverages, luxury goods, fashion, computers & electronics, footwear, tobacco, the motion picture and recording industries, automotive and airplane parts.


The owner of a patent for a pharmaceutical product had spend tens of millions of dollars developing a drug in an ingestible form only to reach the point where it failed to gain final stage approval for commercial production. The client then found that the drug was available in online sales into markets in Europe and the USA. We helped quantify the trade in the drug to give the client an advantage in discussions with the Asian producers to pay a license fee or royalty for use of the drug.

This was a novel approach by the client who, wisely, opined that it would be cheaper and better for their future business potential to try to work with the infringers rather than shut them down. An important part of our work therefore included identifying the main producers (in terms of quality and quantity – there were a number with varying degrees of quality) and gaining an assessment of their position vis-à-vis cooperating with our client.

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